It is said that Donald Trump’s victory has a message for democracies elsewhere and for Indian foreign policy. Critically examine. (200 Words)

Donald Trumps victory has surprised the political analysts around the world, who thought they know about the one of the oldest democracy, The America. But Trumps win conveys a deep message to all the democracies around the world.

  1. There is growing tendency towards de-globalization by which peoples jobs are threatened , which is also shown in case of Brexit .This signals the democracies that their citizens cant be ignored in the name of globalization and other international obligations.
  2. People are against unlimited immigration , this is evident from the fact that Trump championed the strongest anti-immigration cause. This signals though people are completely against immigration , they are against unlimited and uncontrolled illegal immigration.
  3. People are reacting for the far happening events like emergence of ISIS and they want the leadership to be react fast and appropriately which Trump has promised. Every Democracy should show their response within their sphere of influence.
  4. There is growing nationalism amid globalization , again evident through Trump’s campaigns theme “Make America Great Again” . All democracies should be careful that extreme nationalism should not takes place.
  5. The emergence of Elite class and decreased middle class has caused great concern among the Americans due to unprecedented inequality levels. Though Trump is from elite class he promised wage increase, better health care, better infrastructure, better employment and etc which all the democracies should take note of.

Foreign Policy:

  1. In Obama administration, India and US relationship has increased greatly to counter the growing influence of china. But Trump does’t show such intent but still he may try to improve the relations
  2. He is against the outsourcing jobs which India is heavily dependent. In that front India will be greatly affected
  3. He pitched strongly against the terrorism and may force pakistan to act on homegrown terrorism which is in India’s interests
  4. There might improvements in US and Russia’s relations which can be useful to India
  5. There might change in climate change stance of US as Trump is not considering climate change to be a big issue which results in non implementations of Paris treaty by US which affects the world and developing world
  6. There may changes in free trade negotiations and India should take its interest first

From Trumps win it is evident that people don’t want the status quo of which they are robbed of their jobs and income. This directly result in Trumps win. Still India and US can have good relations which will benefit both the countries.

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