It is said that the recent political developments in India and around the world highlight a growing discontent with politics in many democracies. Do these developments reflect weaknesses in democratic institutions? Critically analyse.

The recent political developments such as emergence of Aam Admi party and its clean sweep of Delhi assembly elections, BJPs absolute majority in the 2014 Loksabha after decades in India and the Brexit and Election of Trump etc around the world have made political analyst and people alike to think about the democracy and its institutions.

Apparently these events show some inherent weakness in democracies and the same time show the strength the democracies have over other forms of government.

For example, Brexit show that people are not realizing the benefits of globalization and moreover threatened by it. whether it is true or not , the populist notion will win in democracy which may have an impact on their economies.The same is the case with the election of Trump as USA president where people are told that they are losing jobs and income ,which well penetrated into people.

On the other hand Emergence of Aam Admi party and BJPs win can be considered as anti establishment sentiments in the majority of the people. They are tired of the as usual politics ans actively came out and vote for a change.

There will weakness in every form of rule but it is the respective governments duty to understand the weaknesses and rectify before it destroy the entire system.


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