Do you think the focus of modern cinema should be on promoting national consciousness and social integration? Critically comment.

The modern cinema has become an important part of everyone’s life as a stress buster providing mainly entertainment to the people. Here and there comes the movies which touches the lower strata of the people and reflects their lives and talk about the national integration and national consciousness.

It is unfair to say to movie industry to completely focus on message oriented movies since after all it is also an industry which runs on money and for money. But industry should not be completely focus on entertainment as it is doing now though with some exceptions . People are ready to encourage movies that touches their consciousness and lift their spirits .

The secret lies between striking the balance between entertainment and the movies that encourage national integration and social consciousness. The movies like “Sirat” and “Pink” tells the society whats wrong in it and make people to think at least once.

There is no doubt that at present the movies which are focusing on national integration and social consciousness are made significantly low , there is need to focus more on these type movies since these will have bearing effect on the young minds who are more attracted movies than anyone else. At the same it is should also be taken care that right mix of entertainment and message is available within the movies.


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