Does Trump know what he is doing?

What trump has done since he became The President of USA?

Since the swearing in as the 45th president of USA on Jan 20th of 2017, Mr Trump has unleashed a series of decisions on immigration and refugee programs of United states.Every one is crying foul on his decisions not only in other countries but even in the USA saying that the decision to put a hold on refugee program and banning the 7 nationals entering into the USA as unconstitutional and unethical.

The democrats and even some republicans and others are attacking Trump that these are not American values that they have been proud of. These are against the foundation principles of America and almost everyone in America who are claiming as true Americans(Except Native Americans) is a migrant at some or other point in time.. is what some people argue. His executive order to tweak the rules pertaining to minimum wage to be given to H1B visa holder is shaking the Indian students and IT employees here and in USA and there is no doubt that Trump has become a single most villain in their life who aspired to travel to USA for the reasons well know to all. There are uncertainties to where the refugees should be sent which the previous administration is agreed to accept.

But the question is can he do it like that?

Yes , absolutely. According to the American constitution President has the power to decide who comes in goes out of the country. So constitutionally he is entitled to do so. The courts may overturn his order and that is the matter to be discussed at other time.

A key part of immigration law does give the president broad power. It says, “Whenever the president finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non immigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”

But at the same time the law also prohibits the “discrimination based on the sex,race,religion,nationality ,place of birth or place residence” but only in “Issuance of visas” in which case the powers of president to control the immigration are broader than curbing him to do so.

When it comes to morality of  his decision,  banning some one from coming to country especially refugees is morally unjustified and clearly unethical . But when you think from the American’s perspective , the kind of immigrants they have been seeing without any benefits to them(forget about the economic effects that make rich people richer) , the kind of people coming from different parts of the world that they don’t know anything about, it seems trump is sort of correct. Still the question of why only these 7 countries remains in everyone’s mind and Trump should provide any evidence that relates these countries to terrorist activities in the USA, at least for the sake its citizens.

Considering the horrendous situation of refugees ,suspending the  the refugees entry program is grossly mistimed and will leave many innocents in the peril in the name of stopping the culprits from entering.  But with the absence any effective vetting mechanism and the kind of terrorists attacks seen which happened to be done by migrants/refugees , Trump has left with no option except to suspend the refugee program.

Through out his presidential campaign , he promised Americans that he will bring back the jobs to them. To fulfill his poll promise, instead of reducing the number of H1B visas, he doubled the minimum wage to be required to issue the H1B visa there by effectively forcing the companies to hire the local employees. It is obvious that every country has the right to change its rules on how to give Visas and no one can question its validity.

What is out there more?

Rise of Trump as a President is unprecedented in American history as he became president without any political office held before. It is the unique feature he has and a unique feature that can be seen in democracy only. His election shows the changing American attitude against the globalization that can be resembled with the Brexit. In his inaugural speech he clearly mentioned ” Buy American and Hire American” , “America First” , which are going to do good than bad for Americans(especially working class) and hopefully). After all any country’s president/head must work for the interests of the people of his country which Trump is doing exactly at this point in time. There is no doubt that there will be change in the way other countries see the role of America under Trump,as  very different from the past. There is much time for Trump to fulfill his promises and let the time decide whether the people of USA who choose him are  right or wrong.

This is just for you who haven’t seen the mindset of Trump as a president.

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