It is argued that geography predetermines conflicts. Illustrate this with the example of ongoing Manipur crisis.

There have been many conflicts in the world from the time immemorial. There are many reasons for the conflicts to occur like region,religion,natural resources ,ethnicity ,culture and many more. All of the reasons for many conflicts related with geographical factors in one or the other way .

In Manipur crisis also we can find the causes with respect to geography of the region as mentioned below.

  1. The United Naga Council is demanding assurance from the government that districts will not be divided without their consent which they consider as their ancient homeland . In this case the Naga people are particularly have bonded with that region
  2. In particular, they did not want kuki-dominated sardar hills given the district status as they consider them as migrants from outside to that region
  3. There is a feeling of ethnicity belonging to particular region and any effort by other ethnic groups to dominate the natives will raise conflict. In this case also it has been observed because Manipur is multi ethnic  region with naga,kuki and meiteis and many other small ethnic groups
  4. There has been different revenue system for the hills and plains before and after the independence where the state owns all lands and individuals lease small holdings and pay taxes. But this is not applicable for the hills where the kuki people are majority.

Conflicts of such type can be resolved  with multilateral dialogue between many parties involved. The goal of achieving shared sovereignty can become solution to such conflicts.


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