Discuss the reforms and their significance brought in the rules governing grant of passports in India.

The change in rules in granting passport is long overdue. These changes have made to remove age old rules which obstruct or delay the process of getting passport.

Than changes are:

  1. The application form requires only names of one parent not both.
  2. The stipulation that marriage certificate or divorce decree should provide is removed
  3. Getting documents attested by notaries and magistrates is removed
  4. Self declaration on plain paper would now be accepted
  5. Date of birth certificate is no more be the main proof of date of birth. Any other certificate i.e. PAN,Aadhar where DOB is printed can be taken
  6. In case of orphans , actual proof of date of birth is dispensed and declaration from the head of orphanage confirming the date is enough
  7. Adopted and surrogates are provided passport even in the absence of relevant documents and declaration on the plain paper is enough
  8. Sadhus and Sanyasins are allowed give their guru’s names in lieu of parents


  1. Single parents can apply passport for their children
  2. The time and cost in getting attestation of the documents will be saved
  3. Passport can be applied with any relevant proof of DOB
  4. Easy for orphans,adopted and surrogate persons to get passport
  5. Sadhus and sanyasins will be able to give their spiritual leader as their parent

These changes address many irritants in getting the passport.Getting passport is every citizens right and simplifying the procedure should be a continuous process.


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