Why is the successful test-firing of the long-range ballistic missile Agni-V for the fourth time considered as a significant step? Examine.

India has successfully test-fired nuclear capable intercontinental ballistic missile Agni 5 and is part of Agni series. It was a significant step in the making Indian defense capabilities more robust.


  1. It has a range of 5000 km and can reach the northernmost part of china
  2. Agni 5 is the most advanced of all Agni 1,2,3,4 missiles with inbuilt technologies for navigation and guidance ,warhead and engine.
  3. Success of Agni 5 missile test fire will lend the credibility to the Indian defense technologies amid increasing conflict with the neighbor Pakistan
  4. This launch will enhance India’s nuclear deterrence capability in entire Asia-pacific region
  5. This will help in counter balancing  the China’s military might ,though to a little extent
  6. It will send a strong message on India’s strategic capabilities

Way forward:

  1. Though security establishments made great stride in making nuclear weapons and delivery platforms, there is long way to go before the nuclear triad is complete and competent
  2. Along with having advanced nuclear weapons , India should also behave like a responsible nuclear power

India has done a good job in developing advanced defense technologies but it lags behind the major powers in the world like US and especially our neighbor China. There is lot more to be done in the defense sector to achieve our aspirations to become a world power without compromising on the welfare sector.

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