The world faces the prospect of increased terrorist activity in multiple regions of the world, and especially in Europe. Does intensified electronic and physical surveillance of suspected groups or individuals would help reduce these attacks? Examine

The present world is highly prone to terrorist attacks. In the recent times the lone wolf attacks have been increased significantly throughout the world and especially in Europe. But the intensified surveillance of suspected groups and individuals will do little why because

  1.  It is impossible to identify and continuously monitor the people who are indoctrinated to do terrorist attacks
  2. The old way of training and sending terrorists has changed and the new way of instantly brainwashing them and provoking them to attack has been increased
  3. Huge influx of Syrian refugees has happened in many countries and it is very difficult to identify who are innocents and who are having evil designs to do attacks
  4. Privacy vs surveillance debate will  come into picture and authorities may face difficulties to surveillance in the countries where privacy is given greater importance
  5. Surveillance of certain communities will increase the apprehensions and will become breeding grounds for extremist activities

Way Forward:

  1. Strict background vetting and counselling should happen for incoming refugees as a short time measure
  2. Counter ideology should promoted rigorously against the extremist ideology
  3. Promoting liberal education among children in the schools will help in long term

Though surveillance is helpful it will not be the complete solution to the extremism. All the countries should cooperate each other to eliminate this century’s biggest threat so that everyone lives in peace.

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