Ten years ago, the report of the Sachar Committee, on the social, economic and educational condition of Muslims in India, was tabled in Parliament. Has the condition of muslims improved during these ten years? Critically examine.

It has been a decade since the Sachar committee report placed before parliament on the socio,economical and educational conditions of the Muslims in the country. Since then the conditions of the Muslims has almost remained the same.

  1. Share of Muslims in India’s police forces has fallen from 7.6% to 6.3%
  2. Work participation of Muslim men increase slightly from 47.5% in 2001  to 49.5% in 2011 and for Muslim women  it is even smaller from 14.1% in 2001 to 14.8% in 2011
  3. Percentage of Muslims in IAS and IPS cadre are 3% and 4% respectively in sachar committee report but in 2016 it is reported as 3.3% and 3.1% respectively
  4. Sex Ration among Muslims remained better than that of  India
  5. Percentage of Muslims living in urban areas remained higher than the national average in both the census of 2001 and 2011
  6. Literacy has been increased almost 10% among the Muslims but it is still below the national average.

Way forward:

  1. Better Implementation of the schemes like Nai MAnzil,Nai Roshni, MANAS and USTTAD
  2. Special focus on Muslims in implementing the schemes like skill India,MUDRA Yojana and in social security schemes
  3. Proving employment opportunities in the formal sector with better wages
  4. Proving equal rights to the muslim women par with the muslim men will empower them

Muslims are the largest minorities in India and without their all round development Indian will not become prosperous. Developing them at par with the rest of the society is the need of the hour and with better implementation it can happen.


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