Pakistan is facing severe water crisis and it blames India for its water woes and accuses it of “water terrorism.” In this light, critically analyse the causes of Pakistan’s water crisis.

Pakistan is a water abundant country in the 1951. But now water scarcity has been increased greatly and it is accusing India in this matter. But India is no way responsible for its water scarcity but Pakistan itself.


  1. Rapid increase in the population but the water supply remained the same
  2. Pakistan’s water utilization is extremely inefficient.
  3. 2/3 of water is lost due to faulty transmission and seepage of canal system
  4. Pakistan has not invested on dams to store water in the lean winter months
  5. The existing dams have lost 20-25% of the storage capacity

Future challenges:

  1. Pakistan’s ground water and surface water usage is not sustainable
  2. Increasing population
  3. Climate change,changing rain patterns ,melting of glaciers makes the situation worse in the future

What should be done:

  1. Building dams without changing the ecology of the region
  2. Improved infrastructure in the canal system
  3. Improving the productivity of the water and efficient use of available water

A report made by senate standing committee said that India is using water less than of its allocated  water and not responsible for water scarcity in Pakistan.Pakistan has to realize the actual reasons for its water scarcity and should take the appropriate steps to save its people .


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