Along with a disturbing rise in attacks on Army camps across Jammu and Kashmir, the Line of Control and the International Boundary in the State are also alarmingly tense today. Do you think India’s surgical strike across LoC was a strategic mistake? Critically comment.

Post Uri attack India responded with the surgical strikes which was showcased as a grand success in destroying the terrorist launchpads across LOC. But Pakistan altogether rejected such attacks by India and there by not taken any action officially. The effects of surgical strikes are bot positive and negative as below


  1. After public outburst after Uri attack, the surgical strike has given a sense of taking revenge to the people
  2. It was successful in destroying the terrorist launchpads across LOC
  3. India a sent a strong message to Pakistan, militants and international community that It will react strongly to any such attacks if happens again


  1. Since the surgical strikes, the attacks on military bases by militants has increased
  2. Military casualties have been increased significantly defending our bases which caused huge lose to country and their beloved families
  3. Ceasefire agreement has been completely violated by both sides which has been successfully kept LOC with relative peace since 2003
  4. Diplomatic relations between two counties has been damaged severely and trust between the two countries and people to people relations as well

Though the surgical strike is considered successful it has some negative consequences.There are steps that needs to be taken to reduce the negative effects and some concrete steps should be taken to handle terrorism and the Pakistan at LOC.



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