The official study of Maharashtra government reveals that in seven tribal belts, over 40 per cent of children are affected by some form of malnutrition. Examine the causes and comment why Maharashtra government has failed to address this issue.

Malnutrition is one of the serious problem that India is facing. It is very acute in the tribal areas as these area are more isolated. According to a recent official survey in Maharashtra it is found that 40% of the children have malnutrition which shows a stark reality.


  1. Supply of grains are infested with insects ,warms and other contaminates . Food served to children were smelly/bitter/salty/raw/coarse which they are not able to consume.
  2. Children neither getting entitlements under PDS nor sufficient calories under Supplementary Nutrition(SN) and Take Home Ration(THR) scheme.
  3. Scarcity of food is not much of a problem than the poorly balanced diets. Except carbohydrates and protein , children are not getting milk and other dairy products , fruits and vegetables , fats and sugars are missing in the diet
  4. PDS was irregular along with less quality grains and somes times items are not delivered at all. Sometimes the recipients were charged twice
  5. 20% of the families did not have ration card

Why Govt failed to stop malnutrition:

  1. Govt failed to understand the severity of the problem did to take the stock of the situation
  2. It did not make sure the food provided to them of good quality , enough quantity and well balanced diet
  3. Failed to provide PDS regularly to AWC and SHG and other ration shops and school

Malnutrition of young children will have negative effect on the countries economic and social progress. Govt must take immediate steps to solve the malnutrition problem for a healthy society there by increased growth of the country.

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