Do you think more judges, more courts, more computers alone will do much to improve the efficiency of courts or access to justice? Critically examine.

Indian judiciary has been suffering from many issues such as low budgetary allocations for its functioning,less judges, lakhs of pending cases, delayed process of judgment and many more. We require more judges ,more funding and more technology but is this enough?

What is required:

  1. Timely appointment of judges at lower and higher level of judiciary
  2. Along with the required judges we need who are capable and efficient in discharging their duties
  3. Along with enough allocation fund, we need enough spending on the infrastructure and other resources with measurable and timely outcomes
  4. Providing mere computers is not enough but exploring the technology and its intelligent adoption to judiciary is the need of the hour
  5. Bringing the complete changes to the justice delivery system in a manner where the justice is done to the needy with the minimum time delay
  6. Special courts to dispense the long pending cases will lower stress on new cases resolution
  7. More Lok adalats for fast settling of the cases between two parties

It is estimated that there are 3 crore pending cases in Indian courts and the judges are working under tremendous work pressure. Government should take necessary steps to address the issues which will make Indian judiciary more reliable and efficient.

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