What is ‘kafala’ labour system? Recently Qatar abolished this system. Discuss its significance.

Recently ‘Kafala’ system is abolished in Qatar which is anticipated from long time. ‘Kafala’ system is where the foreign workers in Qatar need sponsor in the form an individual or a company to switch or quit the job or to leave the country.

Why it is significant:

  1. The kafala system is considered as modern slavery. Abolishing it would give free movement of the labour within the country.
  2. One can shift the job if the employer is abusing them which is not available previously
  3. Better wages might be provided for the workers with competition for the workers among employers
  4. The exit visa formally needed to leave the country is abolished. But still the employer permission is needed.
  5. This move help in preventing the exploitation and forced labour in Qatar
  6. This will enable the workers to go for legal recourse in case of breach of work contract by their employer without any fear of cancelling their visas by their sponsors/employers
  7. This might attract more foreign workers which might not find jobs at their home land

Qatar has taken a progressive towards free labour movement still a lot need to be done for the improvement quality of life of labour working in the gulf countries.





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