Examine the factors that led to India’s victory in the 1971 War against Pakistan. What were the outcome of this War?

India has to wage a war against Pakistan in 1971 when west Pakistan has subjugated the east Pakistan. India secured a decisive win in the war. There are many factors which secured the victory for India as below

  1. Timing of the war: India choose winter instead of monsoon when the Himalayans are snowed which will prevent any china’s intervention
  2. Decisive leadership: Strong and capable political and military leadership was avialble at the time and even US and Britain threats are taken into consideration
  3. Soviet treaty : India made friendship and cooperatin treaty with Soviet Russia which ensured soviet intervention in any case if US or China entered the war
  4. India has globetrotted the West paskistan atrocities in East pakistan and made UN to pass a resolution on WP atrocities in EP
  5. Indian armed forces: Indian navy,air forces and army has shown their superiority over Pakistan’s
  6. Multipronged strategy: Simultaneously India held its west secure and attacked west Pakistan and swiftly taken control of the east Pakistan


  1. Creation of new nation called Bangladesh
  2. Pakistan stripped of half of it population  and lost half of its navy, quarter of its air force and third of its army
  3. Pakistan is subjected to a great humiliation and economic and military losses and India has shown its military superiority in the region
  4. Refuge crisis has been settled as the 10 million people are returned to their home land

The victory in the war has been the India’s finest hour since independence. The main out come of this war i.e. free and democratic nation has shown the world that India was on the right side of the world and its prestige has been increased.

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