What are the compelling arguments you would give to advance India’s relationship with Indonesia as a defining one in Asia – pacific region? Discuss.

India and Indonesia relationship has been one of potential  rather than realization. In spite some efforts by the previous governments on both sides, the relationship between these two countries has not reached the heights as expected. But this one could become defining one in Asia-pacific region because

  1. Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world and virtually controls all the straits linking the Southern Indian Ocean and South China sea
  2. In the times of China asserting its maritime power in south china sea and US’s uncertainty of its role in the region would bring India a unique role to play as balancing power
  3. It is for the interest of both the countries to secure their maritime boundaries by defense cooperation without depending on big powers
  4. Indonesia is focusing on the economic growth which can be fueled by Indian investments in energy,manufacturing,infrastructure and tourism sectors there by improving the relations
  5. India and Indonesia can provide complementary models for coexistence religious minorities with the majoritarian communities particularly when the religious tolerance has been under strain
  6. There is huge potential for trade between two countries which can bring huge economic benefits to both

Along with the close diplomatic relations, people-to-people connections,cooperation in academics and research ,tourism cooperation will have significant impact on how these two countries progress in the future. Very little has been achieved till now and there is scope to achieve lot more for India and Indonesia.


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