In India solar power sector has enormous potential. At the same time it has many challenges in realizing this potential. What are these challenges? How can they be overcome?

India has set up goal of 100 GW of solar energy and revised to 175 GW of renewable energy by 2022. India is gaining momentum towards the goal slowly but steadily. In achieving this we have some challenges as mentioned below

  1. Solar energy is relatively expensive and making it affordable,efficient and reliable to India’s poor
  2. Huge infrastructure is required to achieve the target which requires huge investments in the sector
  3. Neither the necessary technology nor the required human resources are available to make it ubiquitous
  4. Loss of jobs due to the diversion from fossil fuels should be addressed
  5. Finding suitable land will also be a challenge
  6. People are not aware about the benefits of renewable energy and there is need for behavioral change regarding this

How to overcome:

  1. Opening investment opportunities for domestic and international players by transparent auction there by increasing the competition in turn may reduce the prices
  2. Incentivizing the usage of solar panels by businesses and individual households
  3. Encouraging the research and development facilities to produce affordable solar panels and training institutions to train people
  4. Providing the alternate employment for those who  dependent on fossil fuel based industries
  5. Create awareness among people through various campaigns

India is poised to have good economic growth along with increasing its renewable energy production balancing the environmental and economical challenges. If the challenges are dealt properly India can become a light bearer even for the developed countries in solar energy sector.

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