What was the nature and objectives of the Dravidian movement? Was it successful in achieving its objectives? What is its legacy today? Examine.

“Dravid movement” refers to history of Tamil politics based on the caste,region and language.the The Dravidian Movement comprises Justice party ,self respect movement, DK,DMK,AIADMK . All these together shaped the Dravidian movement.

It was anit-bramhin in nature and also advocated equality among all the people irrespective of caste.

Main Objectives:

  1. Rejection of domination of Brahmins in all shperes of life,
  2. Rejection of domination of north in southern politics
  3. Rejection of all things associated with north and brahmis such as hindi,hinduism and sanskrit etc.
  4. Creation of independent  Dravidanadu i.e dravida land
  5. Reversion of Tamil culture and ethos as mentioned in the ancient Sangam literature
  6. Glorifying the Tamil history and language

Did it successful?

  1. It is successful in preventing the northern domination in Dravidian politics
  2. Brahmins caste domination is reduced
    1. Tamilnadu gov’t officially accepted hindu marriages without brahmins pandits
    2. Gov’t started to train Dalit archakas
  3. Tamil people were influenced to a greater extent by the leaders to acknowledge the greatness of Tamil culture,language and history
  4. But the creation of separate dravidanadu is failed

Dravidian movement has shown immense influence on the people of Tamilnadu. They are able to rule themselves with Tamil identity politics without interfered by national parties such as BJP and Congress to till this day. There has been equality among different castes and male and female to some extent though some discrimination exists till today. There has been a distinct Tamil identity established because of this movement.




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