Indian polity is moving towards centralization. In this light, critically analyse the role of regional parties today

With the coming Goods and services tax across the India, States will lost some of its individual financial powers denting the federal structure to some extent. It seems like India is moving to centralization ,in this context the regional parties can play a significant role in preserving the federal structure of the country.

What good regional parties can do?

  1. Regional parties will work for the interest of its region there by protecting the peoples interest
  2. They can give the bargaining power to states with the centre
  3. They will understand the regional problems and requirements  well than the central government

Along with above positives regional parties also pose some challenges

  1. They can resort to extreme regionalism causing hatred between states and between states and centre
  2. Sometimes the regional parties use the local sentiments and emotions to come to power instead of real agenda for development of the region
  3. These parties even pose the danger to unity and integrity of the country with their extreme regionalism

India has the federal structure with the powers tilting more towards to centre. It is the duty of the centre to give states adequate powers in all spheres and its duty of the regional parties to safeguard the interest of its people and the country all together.

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