Pearl Harbour Attack- Significance and Consequences

Pearl Harbour was attacked on 1941, Dec 7th by Japanese forces. It remained as the most significant event in the 20th century.

  1. It provoked US to enter and participate actively in the WW2 ending the isolationist policy of US
  2. It indirectly caused the defeat of Nazist, facist and Japanese forces  which are aggressively expanding their territorial occupation in WW2 due to the active participation of US
  3. It triggered the new world order for the decades to come as US as supreme world power
  4. It accepted by the Japanese admirals that they had tactical victory at the pearl harbour there by lost the war.


  1. The direct consequence was US declaration of war on Japan, which is justified as the Japan attacked its territory without a warning and US has incurred huge losses
  2. The large Japanese immigrants in the Canadian province of British Columbia are forced to evacuate and prohibitions on return  under war measures act which is not justified as the basic human rights are violated
  3. This event in a long way connected to the Nuclear attacks by US on Japan which has devastating affects even till today

Pearl harbour caused a chain of events which has a huge impacts even felt today. But reconciliation shown between US and Japan after WW2 will remain as one of the inspiring chapter in the world affairs.


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