In recent months the phrase ‘Project Europe’ is frequently used in both western and Indian media. What is Project Europe? In the light of recent events, examine what’s happening to the Project Europe.

Project Europe aims to unify the entire Europe with single currency and without any trade barriers etc. This project looked like having a resounding success a decade ago. But at present the situation looks bleak.

What is Project Europe and what it means:

  1. Common currency: All the Europe countries have common currency Euro so they can transact with out any difficulties through out the Europe
  2. Open Borders: All the Europe countries will be open for member countries i.e. anyone from a member country can move seamlessly within the Europe
  3. No trade barriers: Commerce and trade will happen seamlessly within the member countries

What is happening now?

  1. Syrian refugee crisis has largely affected the project Europe since some serious difference has emerged between member countries for e.g. Germany allowed refugees but not Hungary
  2. Resentment of people in these countries towards the open borders, free trade has increased due to the post truth politics and xenophobia .This results in individualism of countries and exit from EU as happened in the case of Britain i.e. Brexit
  3. Europe countries are feeling they will be benefited individually than as members of Europe. So many countries are posed to leave EU such as Italy, France due to the rise of right wing politics.

With increasing separatists tendencies in the europe , one must concentrate on the issues which are effecting the people badly making them against project Europe.


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