In the event of the anniversary of the Chennai floods, critically analyse the challenges faced by government in making cities flood proof. Also examine what common challenges does Chennnai, Kochi, Mumbai and Kolkatta face when it comes to floods.

Last year this time around floods  devastated the Chennai city. It has shown the urgent need for governments to make our cities flood proof. Challenges faced by governments in this endeavor are

  1. Removing the encroachments on the marsh lands ,flood plains and along the margins of water bodies
  2. Rebuilding the inland water bodies without disturbing the economy of that region
  3. Building artificial flood water drains will be difficult  as this will affect the present infrastructure
  4. Absence of affordable housing:Urbanization attracts the migrants which most of them are workers, who settles on open flood plains and along the margins of seas and water bodies due to the non availability of affordable housing for them.
  5. Strict Implementation of rules and preventing the illegal and ill designed structure is also became a challenge

The Coastal cities such as Chennai, Kolkata,kochi and Mumbai are most vulnerable and have some common challenges. These are

  1. With global warming on the rise, increasing sea levels pose a serious threat to these cities
  2. The natural river and creeks in these cities will be gateways for the sea’s inexorable entry inland

With urbanization growing day by day in our country, there is greater need for making our cities flood proof. Urgent government attention and peoples support is needed to make this possible.

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