Do you think more democracy and more decentralization is good for India? Substantiate.

India became the only country to allow adult franchise since its inception among the poor countries then.Since then democratic institutions have became stronger in the country establishing peaceful transmission of power through ballot, federalism and achieved unity in the society ridden with caste ,regional and linguistic feelings. In this context, more democracy and more decentralization is good for the country.

More Democracy:

  1. People will have more power in decision making and will of the people becomes will of the leaders
  2. Politicians who are on the side of the people and popular among them will be elected
  3. Any decisions against the will of the people will be prevented
  4. Peoples mood and movements will be taken into consideration by government when taking the policy and other decisions

More Decentralization:

  1. Ground level problems can be identified and resolved efficiently
  2. Accountability and responsibility will be increased since their work will be monitored at lower levels
  3. Instead of centralized solutions for  problems , problems not only particular to a region will be resolved effectively but also based on the local conditions
  4. With more empowerment and adequate resources, innovative solution can be found at the local level which can not be done in centralized setup

In the wake of weakening of the democratic institutions around the world, there is need for more democracy and for the targeted benefits and development decentralization needs to be increased to the ground level.



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