What is biomethanation? Could it be a solution for better urban waste management? Examine

The process of degrading biological or organic matter into Biogas and manure is called Biomethanation . It can be a better solid waste management method since in our municipalities 50% of the waste is biodegradable. We can solve the half of the solid waste problem by this method by having other benefits


Why it is can be better:

  1. Less space: By compared with the landfills, this method requires very less land for the plants and this can be reused again and again until the plant if functional
  2. Environment Friendly: When the biodegradable waste is degraded  methane is produced which can be used as household fuel and can also be used to generate the electricity
  3. Relatively Less cost of operating :  Though it cost to set the plant initially, this can be offset be savings on transportation and collection cost of the waste.
  4. Alternative Fuel: By producing the bio gas at higher standards using anaerobic conditions , this fuel can replace the other fossil fuels like LPG and CNG


  1. Methane is one of the four gases that causes the global warming and will have its consequences if leaked from the bio gas plant
  2. Initial setting up cost is high
  3. Continuous maintenance is required
  4. Segregating the solid waste at source is a big challenge in our municipalities

By implementing the biomethanation process for solid waste management , we effectively tackle half of the problem . By increasing the awareness and incentivize the setting up the bio gas plants government can boost the biomethanation process.

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