In 2015, a team led by Utpal Tatu, professor of biochemistry, IISc, completed the genotype sequencing of Candida auris. Why genome sequencing of this species is significant? Examine.

Determining the complete DNA sequence in an organ’s genome is called genome sequencing. The recent genome sequencing of Candida Auris Fungus is very significant and considered as reference genome across the globe. We can see more how significance this is below

  1. Candida Auris emerged as super bug fungus and doesn’t respond to conventional anti fungus drug. There is need to find the drug to cure the infection and the genome sequence can be the important step
  2. It is established that it has been spread to several countries and not enough containing and diagnosing measures are in place. This genome sequence can help in this way.
  3. Most parts of the country, this fungi is misdiagnosed as  it’s identification is confused with other Canida family species i.e. Candida heamulonii. Sequencing can help in accurate identification of the fungus
  4. Already there are number of cases registered across India where the correct diagnosis is delayed. Immediate cure is required other wise this fungi could be fatal to the health of the people.
  5. The genome sequence can be helpful in evolution of this fungi and better understanding of it diagnosis and preventing methods

Though it is a first step it can be very helpful in making Candid Auris fungus curable and thousands if not hundreds of lives of people can be saved.The more research is required to get effective drugs and this is a significant step in that path.


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