Critically analyse ideology and legacy of Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro is a revolutionary leader who rules the small Island nation Cuba for almost 49 years. He came to power by revolutionary struggle , guerrilla warfare and with an astonishing courage to overthrown the US backed ruling dictator Batista.

Castro adopted Marxist-Leninist ideology, converted Cuba into pro-Soviet,One party,Socialist state under communist party rule, the only one in western hemisphere.He adopted socialist elements and nationalized all the factors of production, education and health. He also adopted central economic planning. He was a strong opponent of imperialism and supported anti-imperialistic struggles around the world mainly in Africa and Latin America.He supported Non alignment movement and leader of NAM from 1979 to 1983. He was against all forms of imperialism,colonialism,neo-colonialism ,racism,foreign aggression, occupation,domination or hegemony and against super power and block politics.

He is the one of the most charismatic and towering leader in the 20th century. His revolution has inspired many countries around the world against imperialism and started struggles for independence. Due to his socialist policies Cuba achieved highest development in terms health and education in the Cuba.Cuba is the only small country which stood against US for such long time. It succeeded in stopping the Bay of Pigs invasion and caused Cuban missile crisis. Though he was accused in the matters of suppressing the dissents and human rights violations he was an inspiring leader in the modern revolutionary history.

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