In the light of ongoing exchange of fire between Indian and Pakistani soldiers on daily basis along the LoC, is it time to restore the ceasefire on the Line of Control? Should India take the lead? Critically comment.

Since the Uri attack the there is a continues firing from the both sides of India and Pakistan causing casualties after an relative along LOC since ceasefire agreement in 2003.

But is it the time to restore the ceasefire? Yes , absolutely!! It is in the interest of two countries especially in the interest of India.

  1. We can’t fight infinitely with the neighbor if we want to become super power in the region
  2. For the very benefit of people of India, economic growth should be as high as possible and this is not possible as one corner of the country is not having peace continuously and stability and peace are the prerequisites for the allround development
  3. J&K people can’t live under the fear of anticipated war and by ceasefire,state and central governments  can concentrate on their development
  4. With exchange of fire on daily basis, this could be escalated to full time war in which case both countries will have disastrous consequences. In present world no one wants to fight wars.

By Observing the present situation , no country is looking to take the lead to make a ceasefire. But with such apolitical stability the present government has in India, it could initiate the dialogue with Pakistan and can try to increase international pressure on Pakistan to make a ceasefire deal.

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