Examine the linkage between energy access and women’s economic empowerment and well-being.

In the Sustainable Development Goals, the seventh goal is to ensure universal access to affordable,reliable ,sustainable and clean energy with the increased mix of renewable  energy. To Fulfill this goal it is must that all the women in the country should have  access to affordable and safe energy.

But in India 140 million house hold still rely on unsafe energy sources. The problems associated with such type of energy are

  1. Women spend daily 5 hours for collecting the wood for fire which is unrecognized, unaccounted and unpaid.
  2. This may increase the vulnerability of voilence against women as they go alone and to isolated places to collect the wood
  3. By using the Biomass fuel , they are exposed to the toxic gases and will have suffer respiratory diseases which in turn will increase burden on their spending

By providing the clean energy to women along with the women empowerment ,we can also have economic and social benefits as below

  1. By providing LPG,Bio gas and solar energy etc women can save their time and can spend it in their education and employment
  2. By increasing the rural electrification, it is expected increase the women employment by 9% points and there is staggering 23% increase in the probability of women working outside of homes
  3. By increased women’s participation as par with the women it is estimated that about $3 trillion will be added to economy by 2025
  4. Women spends their 90% of the income on the household i.e. children which means better education and health which in turn helps the growth of economy in the future
  5. The vulnerability of violence will be decreased as they will not go far and isolated places to collect the fuel
  6. Their health will not be affected as before and will improve the their productivity in the work

Women can become an agent of change in the transformation towards the affordable,reliable ,sustainable and clean energy. By providing the access to clean and safe energy it is clear that their economic empowerment and well being will be increased significantly.

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