Zonal councils in India

Zonal councils are created by the parliament law State Reorganisation Act 1956.

Originally there are 5 zonal councils.

  1. Northern
    • J&K,Punjab,Himachalpradesh,haryana,Rajasthan,NCR Delhi,UT of Chandigarh
  2. Southern
    • Karnataka,Andrapradesh,Telangana,Kerala,Tamilnadu,UT of puduchery
  3. Western
    • Gujarat,Maharashtra,Goa,UT of diu and daman,dadra nagar haveli
  4. Central
    • Madyapradesh,Uttarpradesh,Uttarakhand,chattisgarh
  5. Eastern
    • Bihar, Jharjkhand, orissa,West Bengal, Sikkim

North Eastern council was set up in 1971 to deal with the problems of 7 North Eastern states.It was set up under North Eastern Council Act 1972.

Objectives of the Zonal councils:

  1. To encourage and foster the emotional integration of the country
  2. To discourage the growth of regionalism and linguistic chauvinism
  3. To foster the creation of strong blocks of states
  4. To foster the cooperation between states and center
  5. To foster the cooperation among the state
  6. To foster and encourage the political and economical equilibrium of the sates



Zonal Councils

Zonal Councils In India – Composition, Function And Units

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