Govt of India Act 1919

It is also called montague(SOS)-chemsford(viceroy) reforms.

  1. Govt India Act 1919 has a separate preamble.It states the objective of the British govt is gradual introduction of  a responsible government in India
  2. For the first time this made central legislature bicameral – consisting of Central Legislative Assembly(145) and council of states(60)
  3. Establishment of public service commission for the first time
  4. It made provisions for  a statutory commission  after 10 years to review the progress and working of Govt of India act 1919
    • Simon commission is result of this provision
  5. Introduction of diarchy at the provincial level
    • provincial subjects were divided into two categories
      • Reserved – law and order,budget…in the hands of governor of the provinces
      • transferred- health,education…in the hands of Indian ministers
  6. Communal representation is exetended to Sikhs,Anglo Indians, Europeans.Franchise was granted to those who has paid limited amount of tax



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