RNTCP- Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme

Launched in 1992-93


  1. To reduce the Mortality and morbidity due to  TB
  2. To Cut the transmission of TB untill TB ceased to be exist as main health problem in India


  1. To Achieve and maintain the detection rate of 70% in new sputum positive patients
  2. To achieve and maintain the cure rate of 85% in new detected smear positive cases

New Objectives:

  1. To achieve the notification rate of 90% for all form TB cases
  2. To achieve success rate of 90% in new cases and 85% in re-treatment cases
  3. To significantly improve the successful outcome in Drug resistance TB cases
  4. To reduce the mortality and morbidity in HIV associated TB cases
  5. To improve the TB care in private sector

DOTS:Direct Observation Treatment-Short course

  • DOTS is adopted to intensify efforts to control the TB in the form revised strategy
  • Treatment completion is ensured
  • Diagnosis and treatment is provided free of cost to all individuals

Outcomes of this program:

  1. 60 million TB suspects have been examined
  2. 17 million patients have been put to treatment
  3. 3 millions live have been saved
  • 42% reduction in mortality rate in 2012 as compared in 1992
  • 51% reduction in TB prevalence in 2012 when compared in 1992





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