Panchsheel Agreement

Agreement between India and Chine in 1954

  1. Mutual respect in each others territorial integrity and sovereignty
  2. Mutual Non Aggression
  3. Peaceful Existence
  4. Mutual non interference in each other internal affairs
  5. Equality and mutual benefit

what it meant for India:

  1. To maintain peace along the Tibetan border
  2. To strengthen the non alignment movement and zone of peace in India’s neighbourhood
  3. India assumed it may refrains china from claiming Aksai chin and Arunachal pradesh
  4. For strengthening the peace in the region  and wean off the US involvement in restoring the peace in the region

What it meant for china:

  1. To change its image to a friendly neighbour as it is participated in korean and north vietnam war by pro founding non aggression and peaceful existence
  2. As a diplomatic offensive to US as peaceful coexistence may attract European countries for the china markets which are need of economic reconstruction thus widening the gap between US and EU
  3. To contain India’s role in internal disputes of neighbourhood countries
  4. It may refrain India from interfering in Tibet issue
  5. To wean off US control over local powers
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