HRIDAY – Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana


  • Preserving and revitalizing soul and unique characters of Heritage cities in India
  • Seeks to promote integrates,Inclusive and sustained development of these heritage cities

Criteria – Cities having rich heritage and history

What will be done– Better sanitation through solid waste management,Better Mobility,Green space provisions,Interpretation centers,Landscapes etc

What are the cities selected:

  1. Warangal – Telanga
  2. Amaravathi- AP
  3. Ajmer-Rajasthan
  4. Dwaraka-Gujarat
  5. Varanasi-UP
  6. Vellankini-TN
  7. Amrutsar-Punjab
  8. Gaya-Bihar
  9. Kanchipuram-TN
  10. Badami-Karnataka
  11. Puri-Odisha
  12. Mathura-UP
  • -HRIDAY is under Ministry of Urban Development
  • -completely Funded by Union Govermnet
  • -453.90 crores allocated to this project

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