Stand up India Scheme

Aim: To Promote entrepreneurship among SC/ST and woman


  1. Why===>
    1. To leverage the institutional credit to the under served sectors of SC/ST and Women communities
  2. Terms of use and loan amount===>
    1. Loans repayable upto 7 years
    2. Loan amount from 10 lacks to 1 crore
    3. For Greenfield enterprises in non for sector
    4. Margin money for composite load would be upto 25% and with converging it with state scheme the money required for margin money would be reduced which will benefit number of borrowers
  3. Is it secured??===>
    1. Loan under this scheme is appropriately secured and backed by credit guarantee scheme for which Department of Financial services will be settler and  National credit Guarantee Trustee Company Ltd. (NCGTC)will be operating Agency
    2. Creation of Credit guarantee mechanism  through NCGTC
  4. Any Targets===>
    1. Facilitate at least two projects per bank ,on an average one for each category of entrepreneur
    2. Expected to benefit 2.5 lack borrowers and expected to approve 2.5 lack request in coming 36 months
  5. Who will be benefited
    1. SC/ST and Women entrepreneurs
    2. Support to borrowers pre loan and during operations
  6. Corpus fund
    1. Refinance window through Small Industrial Development Bank of India(SIDBI) with initial amount of 10,000 crores

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