Socio Economic and Caste Census 2011

Finance minister Released SECC 2011 on 3rd July. The Big Picture of Rural India has been presented in the survey.


  1. In 90% of the household, the main earning member makes less than Rs. 10,000  per month.
  2. 50% of households are landless and equal shere of people rely on manual casual labour for the largest part of their income.
  3. 20% of households have any kind of motor vehicle.
  4. 3% of households has a family member who is a graduate.
  5. Every 2 of 3 owns mobile.
  6. 36% Rural india is illiterate.
  7. Only 10% of households has a member who is a salaried job.
  8. Average size of rural household is 4.93, highest in UP(6.26) and lowest in Andhrapradesh(3.86)
  9. 13% of households are female headed.26% highest in Kerala.
  10. Only 0.12% of rural population have been divorced.


Complete Details at

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